Marketing the Silver Bullet

Three lessons for designers, marketers, and leaders from Coors Light’s Marketing Platform

“Coors Light Neon Sign With a Skull Below It” by Cramit is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

Constraints unleash creativity

Thinking outside the box has become such a cliché. But the truth is, if there is no box, there is no outside of it. By embracing the time and cost constraints he faced, and focusing on playing with what he could change, Marc Barrios came up with an iconic design that so effectively communicated the product’s lightness and freshness that its legacy endures after more than 40 years.

Not Invented Here gets in the way of Customer Centricity

Good marketers have to be clever, and clever people often have big egos. But that big ego can also get in the way of a marketer’s most important function: To be customer-centric.

Leaders that give credit to others can accomplish anything

As Chief Executive Officer, Bill Coors could have forced his ideas through in that first meeting. However, he realized that he needed his team’s full and willing support to execute the idea, so he wisely chose to exercise leadership with restraint, and quietly influenced his key stakeholders instead.

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