DS in the Real World

The following is known to be true in business: High Price, Low Volumes. High Volumes, Low Price. Or is it?

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In this article, I share with you my experience in building a dynamic pricing system for a long-distance train company, and how we increased the number of seats sold without changing our timetables, nor lowering our average price per seat, by applying very basic principles of microeconomics.

This implementation also…

Balancing structure and flexibility to build a successful corporate innovation portfolio

A reproduction of a pre-columbian map by Martin Behaim. There is an ocean between Europe and India. America is missing, as it had not yet been discovered.
Martin Behaim’s 1492 Ocean Map — Wikimedia Commons

Working as a corporate innovation consultant, I am constantly confronted with the tension resulting from having to balance structure and flexibility. When innovating, surely, the more flexibility, and the bigger the canvas, the more freedom, the better, right?

Well, yes and no.

The following scene from Robert M. Pirsig’s Zen…

Things to bear in mind when balancing people, planet, and profit

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Humanity’s ability to model worldly phenomena in unprecedented: Grow the supply of money, and you spur economic growth, though at the risk of inflation. Get in line of sight of at least two GPS satellites, and you can accurately triangulate your location anywhere on Earth.

Here’s another one: Pump carbon…

For better performance in the socially-distanced workplace

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After experiencing consecutive waves of adoption of remote working practices in response to the COVID-19 pandemic by the organizations that she worked with, corporate coach Alyxandra Savage detected an undercurrent of stress and anxiety developing among many of their employees.

It is now becoming clear how we may have underestimated…

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